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 With Years of experience, we only provide you with the best quality and highest standard of Window Tints.

BMW Window Tints – Manchester Window Tinting

! Prices from £110!

Window Tinting definitely helps makes your vehicle look fantastic, but there are other advantages of having your windows tinted; here are some:

  • It will help reduce the fading of your car’s interior.
  • It protects you and your passengers from UV damage, great for when you have children in the car.
  • It gives you that extra bit of security and privacy.
  • It will help your vehicle stay cooler during the summer because the window tinting will reduce the amount of heat that can enter your vehicle.

We have a variety of different shades and colours from your 70% tint right down to the 5% Limo black.

Not only do we have experienced professionals who do the installing, but all our window tints are backed by a 10 year film warranty on cracking, peeling, and de-laminating.

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