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What is a vehicle wrap? 

Vehicle wrapping involves applying a thin, flexible, adhesive vinyl to cover a vehicle. Originally, this method was primarily employed on commercial vehicles to promote branding and advertising. However, it is now gaining popularity among private vehicle owners seeking to change the color of their vehicles. 

Can wraps be removed?

Our vinyl wraps and vehicle graphics can be effortlessly removed, as long as the appropriate methods and tools are employed. This may be desirable if you intend to sell your vehicle or return it to the leasing company. Whether you wish to alter the color of your car or commercial vehicle, or simply update it to reflect your latest advertising campaign, we can provide instructions for this process upon request.

How long does fitment of the wrap take?

The duration of a wrap depends on various factors. These factors include the type of vehicle being wrapped, the type of film being used, and the chosen coverage option. Generally, an exterior color change wrap takes around three to five days, while a full-color change wrap may take five to seven days. It is important to note that these timeframes are based on the presence of two installers. Prior to the wrap, the client will always be provided with an estimated timeframe for completion.

what is the lifespan of a wrap?

Proper maintenance can significantly extend the lifespan of a vehicle wrap, with some lasting up to five to seven years. We are able to provide guidance on maintaining a vehicle wrap as part of our consultation services.

do i have to inform my insurance company?

Anyone who has a vehicle wrap should inform their insurance company of such changes, even if a vehicle has received a part wrap.



Paint protection film primarily consists of an almost invisible urethane material. This film can be easily affixed to any painted surface that requires safeguarding against stone chips, light scratches, and various forms of road debris. PPF is also designed to self heal light scratches and light stone chips. 

how is ppf applied?

Prior to the application of the paint protection film onto the surface, we employ our precision cut vinyl plotter to design and pre-cut distinct panels. This meticulous process eliminates the necessity for any cutting on the vehicle, resulting in a flawless and nearly imperceptible finish. Our pre-cut designs are subsequently applied using our specially formulated solution and the squeegee method, without the use of heat to stretch or adhere the film, unlike vinyl or other paint protection films.

can ppf be removed?

Yes. Our paint protection films are designed with a unique preparation method that allows for safe removal without any adhesive residue or harm to the surface. This is particularly applicable to factory original paint or surfaces that have been refinished using a factory approved paintshop.

what is the lifespan of ppf?

Paint Protection Film acts as a sacrificial barrier between the film and the exposed clear coat. Prior to purchasing PPF, it is essential to grasp the lifespan of the product. Typically, the longevity of PPF ranges from 5 to 7 years, contingent upon driving circumstances, usage, and maintenance practices. The Self-Healing capabilities will gradually decrease over time, which is a natural outcome of regular wear and tear.

Can i use a pressure washer to clean my car?

It is recommended to refrain from using a pressure washer or high-pressure water source in close proximity to the edges of the film, as it may result in the film lifting or becoming damaged.



To begin the tinting process, your windows are thoroughly cleaned to ensure that even the smallest pieces of dirt are removed. Next, a piece of film is cut to the size of your window, and a release liner is removed, exposing the film’s adhesive. An application solution is sprayed onto your window. Then the film is then carefully placed on the glass. Using a squeegee, the application solution is removed from between the glass and the film. Lastly, we will trim the edges of your film to ensure the perfect fit for your windows.

How long does it take to tint windows?

The installation duration usually varies between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the vehicle type and the quantity of windows undergoing tinting.

What types of tint are available?

Our selection of tint shades for vehicles includes four options: Limousine, Dark Tint, Medium Tint, and Light Tint. The Limousine shade allows for approximately 5% sunlight penetration, while the Dark Tint shade offers around 20% sunlight penetration. The Medium Tint shade provides approximately 35% sunlight penetration, and the Light Tint shade allows for approximately 50% sunlight penetration.

what is the lifespan of window tints?

Your window film will be backed by a minimum 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, with the possibility of some products having lifetime warranties.

can you remove the film if needed?

Removal of the window film, if needed, can be done cleanly and without any hassle.